Lawn mower for multiple tasks

It provides great maneuverability and power for mowing small and medium yards. These are enhanced by a large wheel set and a powerful Honda engine. This model comes with strong blades that allow me clear thick patches. Unlike most lawn mowers, this unit is very silent while in operation. It is light and compact thus facilitating maneuverability and storage. Husqvarna 7021P is a complete lawn mower designed for multiple tasks like mulching, rear collection and side discharge. This affordable model is perfect for residential uses.


Husqvarna 7021P is designed with high-strength steel which contributes highly to the 102 pounds of weight. Steel construction is very durable. It has provided me with many years of service. It is surprisingly lightweight for a lawn mower with a powerful engine. Light weight allows even my children to maneuver it without being injured or feeling weary. The whole unit measures 38.2 by 22.8 by 26.2 inches making it one of the most compact models. I can move it through tight spaces and store it in any room.

It is designed with a foldable handle which can be mounted at low and high positions. This allows me to clear my lawn with comfort. It incorporates a collection bag with a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet. Husqvarna 7021p is designed with a 21 -inch deck and steel stamped cutting blades made of a stamped steel. This is combined with a powerful motor to cut through tough grass without sharpening the tool more frequently.


Husqvarna 7021P is powered by a GVC160 160cc engine manufactured by Honda. This engine delivers 4 horsepower to the mower while holding 0.98 quarts of fuel. This capacity is enough to handle my moderately sized lawn. Highly powered blades allow me to cut even high and old grass. I only need to put in unleaded gasoline after which I am ready to fire it up. I don’t need to prime the engine before pulling the ignition cord.

Gas powered engine delivers more power than electric or battery powered engines. This engine is very quiet while providing sufficient power and performance. It also features a compact chamber and an overhead cam designed to reduce fuel consumption. The singular filter system also cuts down maintenance. Reduced fuel and maintenance cost save me a lot of money.

This 4-stroke OHC engine delivers a gross torque of 6.9 pound per foot. The power delivered is enough to cut tough and dense patches of grass without affecting speed and performance. It runs at at 2500 rpm while making a cylinder displacement of 160cc. In terms of combustion, this model is CARB compliant. This means it runs more cleaner than ordinary models. I can barely chock on or see any smoke. The GVC160 engine is very light making this unit one of lightest lawn mowers.


Second-hand cars

Second-hand cars can allow us to enjoy exceptional value without compromise – as long as we do our homework. The more time we take to scour the used car market, the higher the chances of walking away with a fantastic deal become. Many drivers have struck gold after asking for help from more experienced buyers who know exactly what to look for and what to ask sellers. Drivers are becoming wary of obtaining brand new cars due to the huge value drop associated with them – cars lose around 40% of their worth after two years on the road, which means that drivers are waiting a couple of years after cars first hit the market before they attempt to purchase a particular model.

A long life

It’s possible to get years of motoring joy from a used car before it needs to be replaced. Before you do go out and make a purchase, you should consider a number of factors. For instance, how much do you have to spend? Are high running costs being masked by a low price tag? If you have children, will they be able to get in and out of the car easily? You should always try to look at a car when it’s dry and light in order to avoid missing any faults that may not have been pointed out to you by the person selling it. Many drivers also prefer to buy from a dealer rather than a private seller as this means they have more legal protection.

Considering costs

It’s also a good idea to have a list of specific models in mind. Once you’ve found a few models that will suit you, you should look online to get a firm idea of what you should be paying. You’ll need to think about how much tax, insurance and fuel will cost and how much you’re likely to pay for repairs, MOTs and servicing. It’s also wise to pay attention to the mileage to find out how much life the car probably has left in it. Always go for a test drive and feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. Many quality used cars can be found in Inverness, but be sure to do your research!